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Using the web service Instasaved.net you can download stories from Instagram. Downloading is only possible from public (not private) profiles.

Just enter the name of the Instagram user whose stories you want to view and download to your device (computer, tablet, mobile) in the field above. Then click «Download».


What can I download using this service?

Stories from any public Instagram profiles.

What devices does this service work on?

Service Instasaved.net works like any website in any modern browser on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Can I download a story from someone else's account?

Yes, if the requested account is not private, you can download stories from it.

How much does it cost to use the web service?

Using our service for site users is completely free of charge.

Can I reuse the downloaded stories from Instagram?

We recommend downloading stories only for informational purposes. We do not recommend reusing other people's stories, since the rights to downloaded materials belong to their authors.

What format are stories downloaded in?

Video stories are downloaded in MP4 format, and photo stories are downloaded in JPEG format.

How do I view my downloaded stories?

Video stories can be viewed in any modern video player or directly in the browser (just drag the downloaded video to the browser), photo stories can be viewed in image viewing programs or, like videos, in the browser.

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